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The ideal tool to build a usable solution in a short time. LyteRAD is a lightweight zero code
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20 October 2012

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If you are looking for a mobile database application that can assist you in various different aspects in professional front then your search is over as you have landed at the right place as be bring you face to face with IyteRAD CE 3.01. IyteRAD CE is a fantastic tool that will enable you to create standalone desktop or mobile or multi browser application conveniently. As you will be able to create database it can help you to store and manage all small details which in turn help your business to grow quickly. Even small organizations and schools can get a huge assistance from this application as in less investment it offers a huge amount of facilities that you have ever dreamt of.

For any developer IyteRAD CE is very handy as it facilitates in designing quick prototypes that can be later on refined and created into a fully fledged software application. IyteRAD CE if filled with many features that are categorized as per the utility of them. The database features it holds you will be able to define and manage the entire database table effortlessly, create table relationship and availability of predefined schema templates. Talking about reporting feature it has customized header and footers, offers selective field inclusion and has derived columns and groups. Talking about data analytics, it facilitates Visual query interface where you can easily analyze the relationships. The best part of this utility is that the database it can create is completely maintenance free and is very simple and easy to use.

As for each installation license has to be purchased and different plans are available that and upgrades are also available according to the plan. It supports Ubuntu Linux and Windows OS version that are higher than XP. We rate this tool with a score of four on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

Build a wide variety of database applications from simple expense trackers to complete ERP solutions. The NoSQL database runs in memory and is lightning fast for searching information. A super simple wizard allows complex table and schema creation with little effort. The application designer allows you to put together a complete working application with zero code, all you have to do is select UI widgets to be used in an application. And one check box is all it takes to turn your applications into rich AJAX driven web applications.
lyteRAD CE
lyteRAD CE
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